How to Buy the Best Car Battery for Mazda 3

The best car battery can be determined by various factors, including power, cold cranking amps (CCA), Ampere Hours, size, a material used for plates of the battery, brand, and price. Many different types of batteries are available on the market, but some are better suited for Mazda 3 than others.

Top 3 Best Batteries for Mazda 3

#1 Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 RedTop – Powerful Starting Battery


CCA: 720, AH: 44, RC: 90, Warranty: 36 months

List of Avantages:

  • Has the highest CCA value among other batteries in this list
  • Fits large gasoline or diesel engines, more than 2.0L
  • Compatible with the “Start-Stop” system
  • Spiral Cell Technology
  • Trusted Brand

This battery is made with the highest quality materials and offers higher cold cranking amps (720 CCA) for increased vehicle starting power. A high CCA value implies that the battery will start your car more easily than other batteries. The advantage of the AGM type is it offers a 5 times more lifespan compared to traditional Lead-Acid batteries. Spiral Cell Technology gives extra vibration resistance and increases battery power with longer cells surface.

#2 Delphi BU9035 MaxStart AGM – Good Price and Performance


CCA: 680, RC: 100, Warranty: 36 months

List of Avantages:

  • Has the lowest price among other batteries in this list
  • High value of CCA
  • Has bigger value of RC
  • Sealed Maintanace-free design with manifold venting system
  • Trusted Brand

This battery is compatible with all engines of Mazda 3 models, has all benefits of AGM type batteries, but its CCA value is lower than the previous battery.

#3 Exide Edge FP-AGM35 Flat Plate AGM – Best Warranty and Lifespan


CCA: 650, AH: 53, RC: 110, Warranty: 48 months

List of Avantages:

  • Has the highest Reserve Capacity among other batteries in this list
  • Has the highest Ampere Hours value
  • Has the longest Warranty
  • Has high value of CCA
  • Trusted Brand

This battery is compatible with all engines of the Mazda 3 models because it has a compatible size and high value of CCA. It is AGM type battery too, with all benefits. We chose this battery because of its ability to withstand high voltage consumption. When you start your engine, the charge of this battery falls only insignificantly, so the battery can be recharged quickly. This will always protect the battery from deep discharge and increase its lifespan.

Buyer’s Guide: The Most Important Aspects of Your Purchase

The most important aspects of your purchase will be the amount of power and cold cranking amps (CCA) that the battery provides. A good rule is to buy one with more CCA than what’s required by your Mazda 3 while always maintaining an ample output power. When it comes to size, bigger is typically better, but manufacturers use space limitations in their designs.

Exact Size

You also have to consider how much space you have available inside the battery compartment. This will determine what size you can get without interfering with other parts near it, which clearly makes it important to know the exact battery size for your Mazda 3 before going shopping for a new vehicle battery. The compatible factory battery size for Mazda 3 is Length x Width x Height: 9.0625 x 6.9375 x 8.875 Inches, or 230 x 175 x 225 mm. This battery size is named Group 35 Battery.

The Different Types of Car Batteries Available On the Market

Lead Acid

Lead Acid Flooded car battery features a lead-based acid, and it’s usually filled with distilled water to prevent corrosion. It is generally more versatile than other types of batteries, but this also means that they are not as power efficient. This type of vehicle battery can be maintainable and recognized by its open design, which allows users to check fluid levels at all times. Flooded batteries are sometimes less expensive because they use a variety of standard materials in their construction, but they do cost more over time due to the extra maintenance that’s required.


This type of battery works best for those who want to store their vehicle for long periods of time, as it is “gel” filled and requires no maintenance at all. It provides very good cranking power, but they don’t provide as much resistance against extreme weather conditions as other types.


Also known as absorbed glass mat batteries, these come with fully sealed cases that do not allow any air or liquid inside the container under normal circumstances. This means that there is never a need for any type of water replenishment, and they also offer more powerful charges than gel batteries can provide.

If you want long-lasting batteries, choose ones made from either sealed Lead-Acid or AGM technology. Both types are very durable, but AGM can last up to five times longer than the Lead-Acid type.

What Are the Benefits of a Higher-CCA Battery for Mazda 3?

Higher CCA batteries will typically have a longer lifespan. If you live in an area with colder winters, starting your vehicle becomes much more difficult when the temperatures drop outside. Cold weather is one of the harshest conditions for battery life because it reduces current levels at start-up. Batteries are designed to provide extremely high currents during the start of your car. Although most people don’t think about things like voltage or amperage before purchasing a car battery, these factors actually determine how well your car starts up and how long it takes to regain power after turning off the engine. Battery voltage is an important measurement which determines how fast electricity flows through the system, while amps indicate how much power is being supplied in that flow.

Car batteries are measured by the CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) and the storage capacity of electrons contained inside. Cold cranking amps indicate the amount of electrical current a battery can provide at 0 degrees Fahrenheit, while storage capacity relates to the total amount of energy it can release.

Voltage is usually fixed for each type of battery design, while amperage depends on both voltage and resistance levels along its path. This means that if your car has a low-output alternator or starter motor, you will need a battery with more amps to compensate for the loss of power.

The Importance of Higher Ampere Hours for Mazda 3 Battery

One thing that you should look at closely when you are thinking about buying a car battery is its AH rating. This stands for Ampere Hours, and it will indicate how long your battery will last before recharging is necessary. Like the varying types of batteries available on the market, there are also different AH ratings to consider depending on what you need. Low-rate batteries are great for those who have small engines less than 2.0 L, don’t have a lot of electronics, and don’t require much power, while high-rate batteries provide more power to start bigger engines, more than 2.0 L or diesel. If only one kind of car battery exists in your local stores, then go with the high rate model; this means extra power on demand.

How Much Will It Cost?

There are many factors which determine how much your new battery for Mazda 3 will cost you. First, expect prices to range between $100 and $300 for standard car batteries. If you have an engine bigger than 2.0 L or diesel, make sure to get one with superior cranking power because it will require the extra energy for turning over this engine or supply electric components.

Car batteries can last anywhere between two and five years, depending on your driving conditions.

Common Signs That Your Car Battery Needs Replacing

If your headlights dim at certain points during acceleration, this is usually a sign of reduced charging output from your alternator. Most modern cars come equipped with smart alternators that switch off automatically when they sense the charge in the battery is sufficient. If your alternator is faulty, it can lead to reduced voltage levels in the battery and result in dim lights at high speeds. Replacing an old or faulty alternator is usually expensive, so it’s wise to test the charging output by checking the voltage levels in the battery with a voltmeter.

If your radio shuts down when you’re driving along country back roads, this may be another sign of low voltage issues. The ignition system in modern vehicles operates off of 12 volts of DC. When there are significant drops in power to 10 volts DC, all electrical systems will be affected, including your car stereo system. Check the voltage level on your battery with a simple voltmeter before you end up with a faulty radio.

If you’re getting a soft, sputtering kind of ignition when you turn the key in your car, this is a good indication that there may be some problems with the battery cables. The corrosion that results from regular use can build up on your battery posts and cause issues with voltage retention. Cleaning the corroded cable will solve this problem, but make sure to disconnect both ends before attempting to do it yourself. If you don’t know how electric circuits work, leave the electrical work to a properly equipped professional.

Battery life: How Long Does a Car Battery Last?

An automotive battery can last anywhere between two and five years under ideal conditions. The most important variable in determining how long your car battery lasts is driving habits. If you have a short commute, leaving your lights on in your garage, the installation of a lot of accessories, and quick starts + stops at traffic lights; you’re going to get less life out of your battery than someone who has longer commutes, because his alternator has time to charge a battery to highest charge levels.

How To Replace a Car Battery for Mazda 3

It’s easy, you just need wrenches and this video instruction:

We hope you found the information in this article helpful to your search for a car battery. You may have learned that there are many different types of batteries, each with their own pros and cons. When shopping online, you can buy from reputable sellers like Amazon or eBay, who offer great deals on quality products at low prices. Just make sure not to forget about shipping costs when calculating total cost! Best of luck finding the perfect battery for your Mazda 3!

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